Services & Expertise
We offer an extensive range of services to those engaged in all aspects of commercial aviation. We understand that this is a complex and dynamic industry and that our clients’ requirements can vary significantly. Please let us know the details of your project and we will be pleased to tailor an offering to suit your needs.

Aircraft Sourcing
We are able to assist in the evaluation of aircraft alternatives and identification of the most suitable asset for both investors and operators.

Aircraft Financing
The right financing structure and access to funding sources is key. We have many years experience in structuring and sourcing aircraft finance and through our contacts we are able to provide multiple options to meet your specific needs.

Aircraft Remarketing
Robust procedures allow us to effectively remarket our clients’ aircraft at competitive rates. We are experienced in dealing with commercial aircraft of all types for a diverse ownership base. Each remarketing assignment is tailored to fit the exact requirements of the client and is given the necessary focus and attention to deliver results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Lease Management
We have a comprehensive database which we use to manage leases from inception through re-delivery. This process incorporates both commercial and technical compliance and includes the provision of regular reports to the owner/lessor as well as early indicators of potential lessee non-compliance.

Workouts & Restructuring
Over the years through dealing with high-risk lessees in difficult jurisdictions we have built up an in-depth experience of workouts and restructurings. We are able to utilize this to your advantage in order to maximize returns whilst protecting your asset. Should the position become untenable we are able to assist in the recovery of your aircraft.
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